Thursday, February 4, 2010

Great conference and NEW name

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Welcome to the first official post of the newly reminted South Dakota Canoe and Kayak Association. Yes, the name change was voted upon and is official: We're the SDCKA, folks, to reflect the changing nature of our club.

But remember: Regardless of your craft, and number of blades, if you paddle in Sodak, you are welcome in our club.

The annual conference in Sioux Falls was light on boats, but not on information-sharing and fun. Presenters shared their 2009 experiences with the 30-50 people who gathered, and a number of dynamic Q and A sessions helped get more info to the people who could use it.


The club sends its thanks out to all who attended and to the Outdoor Campus for their assistance and willingness to let us use their fine facilities.

This is the online home of the club, and we remind all comers that if you have a question, e-mail either Web master (e-mail addresses are on the right side of this blog) and we'll get it out to the public.

In addition, anyone hosting an event, looking to sell a boat, or any other endeavor - we're here to help.

Many thanks to all the Dick Davidson friends and family who traveled to be with us. Here's to hoping the auction raised a fair amount of money for Boy Scouts and that everyone had fun at Bracco.

More news and fresh posts coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

As a non-member of SDCKA I have no standing to criticize. But as an avid canoeist, attending my first SDCKA conference, I found great irony in the group's eloquent memorializing of Dick Davidson, the founder of the organization, and moments later changing the name of the organization to presumably reflect modern paddling preferences, i.e. the kayak. Bon voyage yakkers, I'll continue my non-membership. And RIP Dick Davidson.