Tuesday, April 13, 2010

River reports

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SDCKA member Bruce W. hit the Big Sioux River between Hawarden, Iowa and Akron, Iowa. Great weather and good scenery - photos show the bald eagles his group spotted along the way. Thanks for the report, Bruce & Co.


Ryan S., a member from Sioux Falls, paddled the Split Rock Creek between Palisades State Park and Brandon recently as well.

He said that this is a great section of creek for anyone looking for fast moving water/rapids.

"The gauge at Corson currently is reading about 225 CFS. At this level, I was able to paddle through all the rapids without having to portage," Ryan said. "However, most of the rapids left scratches on my boat. Water levels in between the rapids are more than adequate."

He also said there were no fences (electric or barbed) to contend with in this section.

Don't forget the Niobrara trip is this weekend - call or e-mail Pete Larsen (see posts below for that info) to join up. And April 24 is our Earth Day event at Flandreau.

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