Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 8th Adaptive Paddling Fair

June 8th Adaptive Paddling Fair (followed by the SDCKA Paddling Fair): The SDCKA is hosting two Paddling Fairs at Family Lake on June 8th. We are hoping to host up to 8 Adaptive Paddlers at a time for 2 - 45 minute sessions beginning at 9:30am on Sunday. Sanford Adaptive Wellness and the VA are getting a lot on inquiries about kayaking again. We are looking for volunteers to come help for the day. The Adaptive Paddlers will make you feel great in the morning and the large... number of people that come during the afternoon hours will astound you. FInally, we will provide lunch for the volunteers as we will have 60-90 minutes between the Paddling Fairs. Please consider giving your day to people that want to experience the past time that we all love. Please respond here if you are interested in the Adaptive Paddlng Fair and Steven created an event for the afternoon Paddling Fair.

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