Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We're cyber paddling now!

Greetings to all South Dakota and Midwestern paddlers!

This is the online home of the South Dakota Canoe and Kayak Association. With the help of Steven Dahlmeier, this blog is up, running, and ready to serve as a platform to share information on lakes, rivers, streams, and more in Sodak.

Stop back often!

Jarett Bies
SDCKA publications chief


Jay Heath said...

Way to go, Jarett. You are a man of action, and all of us will be able to use the materials developed to help plan our next "op." This is a wonderful service of the SDCKA to the paddling community.

I will promote this service on my blog. This material nicely complements those narratives and will also link with pending narratives from waters slightly north.

HeyJude said...

Nice looking site guys. I'll be adding this to my list of Favorites. Can we use this site to post information on spur of the moment paddles? For example, if I would post a date, place and time anyone could show up and go as a group?

dahlmeis said...

heyjude: I would be more than willing to post an outting on this site. Just make sure you give us a least 4 or so days notice.

HeyJude said...

Thanks for the info. "Bieso" had talked to me at conference about linking this blog to our website. I'll run this past the board to make sure everyone is OK with it and then I'll add it.