Friday, February 29, 2008

News from the board meeting

Just think - in four weeks or so - this could be you!

The SDCKA board met last night at Dick Davidson's home in Sioux Falls, and the aggressive agenda for 2008 continues.

We will host events on the Big Sioux River (BSR) in April and the Missouri River in May and we've set the date for our annual Paddling Fair at Lake Alvin.

Your humble narrator/blogger Jarett Bies will host the April event on the BSR. While we wait for coordination word from the Earth Day paddle organizers, please send me any and all tips on locations and lengths for stretches of the BSR near Flandreau. I promise the date and time will be set within two weeks.

Board member Rick Johns will host a cruise in May, and it's juicy. The route will allow paddlers to see the wreckage of a steamship that's more than a century old. The wooden ribs of this wreck are visible before the water level goes up, so we're setting

Saturday, May 10, 2008, Missouri River

as the target date for that trip, with the time to be announced as soon as possible. The put-in and take-outs are nice, the route is visually stunning, and Johns hopes to have a guide in the form of anthropologist Larry Bradley from the University of South Dakota guide the viewing of this bit of history.

Moving onward, the 2008 Paddling Fair will be held

1-3 p.m. June 1, 2008, Lake Alvin

That's a Sunday afternoon and offers any and all the chance to try out different boats. The event will be held at the west end of Lake Alvin which allows all to come without paying the state entry fee. More details will follow, friends.

There's more news, but we'll post it in bite-sized chunks as often as possible. That's enough for now.

Our site is up and running, and now we need content, so feel free to contact us via e-mail. You can write me directly at Or you can add your comments to any of the posts you read.

Lastly, both the print and electronic versions of our monthly newsletter "Prairie Paddler" will be rocked out before March 14.

Won't it be nice to say and mean, "See you on the water"?

Soon, Sodak paddlers, very soon!


John Adler said...

4 weeks or so??? Some of us have been out all year. Well,at least once a month anyway. Out here in Pierre we have found at least one day each month (including today) when we had open water on the Missouri River and decent temperatures. The only concession is to leave the 17 foot sea kayak at home and use the more stable 14 foot boat.

Look forward to warmer weather and the chance to get the big boat out.

Jarett Bies said...


Thanks for the note - here in the land of no Mo River, we are still in dreaming-of-paddling mode.

Do appreciate the update. Perhaps this summer we can get you to host a dam run or something?

Jarett Bies, SDCKA

John Adler said...
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John Adler said...

Sorry - I just had to rub it in a little. A friend and I recently started a group under Yahoo Groups called Pierrekayakclub. Anyone wanting to come up this way to get together with us can send us a note and we can show you around a bit. We are hoping to get a few more members in the group and get together on a semi regular basis. Come check us out.

Where can I get information on joining the SD Canoe and Kayak Association?