Monday, March 3, 2008

Talking pelicans and Pierre

March is here, and so are new plans and discoveries, thanks to the blog.

John from Pierre wrote, mentioning a group of paddlers in Pierre. They're lucky, as they are already/still paddling on the Missouri River.

John mentioned his group is online at

They are always looking to host paddlers less familiar with the waters around the capital city.

Myself, I'm dialing in information on lakes nearby my home in Elkton. I found this Marsh Lake, about two hours from here, so about three hours from Sioux Falls:

The cool thing is an organized group could go there, see the Minnesota River headwaters, then drive to the southeastern-most part of Marsh Lake. From there, the river goes through miles of marsh and birdlife and continues down for ... hours, days, weeks, it looks like.

I'm adding it to my personal list, but if anyone has information on that area, do share.


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John Adler said...

Try going to this site:

It is a link to a Group under Yahoo. It is mainly as a way to let members know about upcoming events around Pierre. There are also some pictures taken throughout the winter.