Friday, March 21, 2008

Flandreau Earth Day cruise set for April 19

Happy Easter weekend to all paddlers! Our official first event, the Earth Day cruise, is set and here are all the details, images, and contacts you will need to take part.

What: An Earth Day cruise, hosted by the South Dakota Canoe Association, the Sierra Club, and the Outdoor Women of South Dakota.

When: 11 a.m. April 19, 2008 (Saturday)

Where: Starts at the parking lot north of the powwow grounds, about one mile north of Flandreau on Highway 13; ends at the Flandreau City Park, about one mile east of the city.

Cost: A shuttle bus service is available if we need it. The cost is $10 for those who want to use the bus. To register, e-mail Deb McIntyre at

Here's an overview map. Remember, you can click on any image in our blog to see a larger version:

Close-ups of the starting and ending points are below. Feel free to send questions to me at my e-mail,, or post questions to the blog.

With a little luck, we'll get out on the water in the next couple of weeks and add more real-deal intel on the route.

Bies, J.C.


John Adler said...

Sounds like it should be a good trip. My plan is to drive over from Pierre the day before and camp at the Flandreau Park. To make it worthwhile we might stick around another day or 2. I'd kind of like to get my whitewater boat out in some faster water (Split Rock Creek maybe). Anyone else out there interested? Maybe on that Sunday.

Steven said...

John: I don't have a whitewater boat - but would be open to a trip on Split Rock on Sunday. I haven't checked out the water levels on the creek yet this spring. I'll try and do that soon and report on this blog.

Jarett C. Bies said...

Guys, I sent word to Gene Preston about this idea, hopefully he'll get into the mix. I would join you but cannot take the glass boat on this. Maybe the wife's boat ... hmm.

Sounds like a hoot!

HeyJude said...

Hopefully we'll get a lot of water out of the snow tonight. Water levels are not as high on the Sioux or the Split Rock as they have been in the past.

Pat Wellner said...

I plan to be there too. Hopefully I can get my boat out for the first time this week...

Pat Wellner said...
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Anonymous said...

The Foys will have a mini-floatilla today. See you there!