Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The waterways need us, too

The conservation chair for the SDCKA board, Mary Finck, has collected information for paddlers - see, we're valuable - and this time the rivers and lakes need us.

Volunteers are needed to collect sample data on waterways in East River, S.D.

As Mary reports,
Dakota Water Watch is looking for volunteers to monitor lakes and rivers for bacteria, transparency, and temperature. Volunteers would collect samples once a month from April to October, plus after storms.

Mary said the volunteers get to choose the waterways they monitor, so someone like Rick in Vermillion would not have to drive up to Dells to take a sample. In many ways, the program is a two-birds/one stone idea: you're already planning to paddle, why not collect some important info while you're at it?

There's a two-hour training session for volunteers, and Mary said Jeanne Fromm, the p
roject manager from East Dakota Water Development District, is happy to meet with folks to get them ready to collect samples.

Of course, the SDCKA might seek to have a meeting with Fromm so a larger group can come out for one session and get their knowledge. But for those who want to get cracking on this, Fromm's available via e-mail at, or you can call her at 605-688-6611.

Bieso, SDCKA

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Anonymous said...

This might be an interesting project for the summer. Let me know if there is a group that wants to get together and get the training. I'd be happy to take the Sioux River that flows through Dells.