Monday, June 30, 2008

Boats afloat - paddlers are safe

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Jay Heath tipped me to a situation that happened on the Big Sioux River Sunday.

A father and son duo was paddling when they got caught up in the branches of a submerged tree. They were able to get free, but their boats floated downstream.

They were paddling between the Klondike and Canton. Here's Jay's information on the missing boats:

This afternoon, Sunday, June 29, a father and son were in two kayaks on the Big Sioux River heading south past the Klondike toward Canton. They came across a big tree that was positioned as a sweeper across the river; while trying to get past it, they both got caught up in the branches and capsized their kayaks. They made it out by working their way across the fallen tree to the shore. Their kayaks, though, were swept downstream and were not recovered.

So, sometime around 1 p.m. today, two orange Dagger kayaks, one 9 feet long and the other 11 ½ feet, were lost and last seen floating down the river between the Klondike and Canton.

Jeff has contacted the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, but he has also asked if the word might be put out regarding these kayaks. He is hopeful that someone will find them and want to get in touch with the owner. If any of our readers catch sight of these kayaks or hears about them, Jeff has asked that he be contacted at (605) 338-0147.

-Jay's entry ends-

So, folks, if you live in that neck of the woods, keep an eye out for two orange kayaks. I'm sure all of us would like to have help if we were in the same situation.

Thank goodness the duo ended up wet and boatless. It could have been worse. It's another warning that even a mellow river like the BSR has danger.


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