Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Like no other

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Sunday's weather - look at the sky in this photo - made the annual paddling fair out at Alvin a blast, tons of people came out and tried a few different boats, or paddles, and a kid had a birthday paddle, and the sun shone and wow, it was just a hoot. This photo shows one of ShaRon Kelly's canoes with an outrigger attachment.

We do it every year, but don't always get such a nice day!

Waters downstream: We need to set a SDCA cruise for late June. I propose an 11 a.m. Saturday, June 28, 2008, Big Sioux Cruise, from Flandreau Pow Wow grounds to the take-out near the low-head dam.

The put-in is the exact same one used on Earth Day cruise. The June 28 cruise would go past the Earth Day take-out, about one river mile, under the Highway 13 bridge, where the Big Sioux braids.

It would at least an hour to the original cruise, more if paddlers explored the river area before the take-out.

We'll hang it on our calendar if people can make it; e-mail me if you want to join this cruise.





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