Saturday, January 3, 2009

Newsletter: YWCA pool events, South Dakota’s first marathon race planned in ‘09

The Sioux Falls YWCA is undergoing some leadership changes, but quite soon they will have it wrangled and we’ll have a few days set for some pool training.

Last year, we did one pool event with about 10 participants. Each person brought their own boat (all kayaks) and we worked on wet exits, self rescues, assisted rescues, and rolling.

The club paid the $50 per hour rental rate for the event last year and we hope to have a free-will offering for those who take part so we do not stress the tiny budget of the SDCA with these events. We will make it work, regardless, and it’s a nice way to get the boats out and work on a few things in a pool that one might never do in a lake, regardless of the weather.

On another note, SDCA board members Jarett Bies and Steven Dahlmeier are organizing an event slated for September 2009: South Dakota’s first-ever marathon/endurance paddling race. It will be on the Missouri River and will fashion itself much like the Missouri River 340 or the Texas Water Safari.

The race will probably be 70 to 100 miles in length, in hopes to attract racers from around the U.S. The Texas and Missouri races are 260 and 340 miles respectively. Our S.D. race may grow to that length, but initially it will be a 24 to 30 hour race, with a couple of checkpoints.

It’d be great if a South Dakota paddler won it, but we’ll certainly need support from businesses, volunteers, and the SDCA to make this race a gem. Feel free to e-mail Jarett with your questions or thoughts. His e-mail is

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HeyJude said...

I'm really interested in the pool events. Let us know the dates as soon as you can.