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We're locked in: Pool training on Feb. 1

Unloading & parking directions

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The rental contract is signed and the South Dakota Canoe Association will host its first YWCA pool training session starting at 10 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 1, 2009.

The event takes place at the YWCA, 300 W. 11th St. in Sioux Falls.

Paddlers should bring their own clean boats for pool work. Members will do their best to loan boats to those without, but the session ends at noon.

Life jackets/PFDs are required in the pool. We would like to have a head count soon, so if you are planning to attend, e-mail Jarett Bies at


During the event last year, we had about 10 people come out and we worked on wet exits, rolling, and rescues. Everyone had plenty of time in the water, and we had plenty of room.

Of course we want everyone who comes out to have ample pool time and I'm sure we will work together to make sure that's the case on Sunday!

The SDCA hopes to host more of these events as the winter continues. E-mail Jarett with dates and we'll aim to set up a second or third session for those who can't make it Feb. 1.

If you're coming, don't forget to bring spray skirts, dive masks or goggles, or any other gear you might use in a self-rescue or to keep water out of your nose during rolling practice.

There's a door just off Dakota Avenue (on the east side of the Y) that goes directly into the pool area. Please plan to take kayaks in and out there, and bring extra towels to wipe down your boats afterwards, to keep the water from freezing.

Write me with questions if you have them, or bring them to the Outdoor Campus on Jan. 24, the weekend before the pool event, for the SDCA annual conference.

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