Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New event and other news

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Members of the club will gather at Split Rock Creek in Garretson again this weekend. It's a nice spot to paddle and Mary and Dave Finck will host those who show up on Aug. 16 at 2 p.m.

Split Rock Creek is a beautiful little spot in Garretson's city park. The creek is not long, but offers some amazing scenery in a tiny spot.

Join the club and get in some paddling, this coming Sunday.

In other news, the SDCA-sponsored kayaking race, the South Dakota Kayak Challenge, has been postponed. It was set to take place in September, but due to low enrollment and other factors, the race will take place in 2010. The route will be new and so too will be the effort to get as many folks involved as possible.

We send our thanks out to the many folks who supported the effort to get this event up and running and remind all who would help this year that we'll call on you again next.

Lastly, longtime club mentor and leader Dick Davidson has taken ill and is in the hospital in Sioux Falls. He has little family in the area and club member Jay visited him - he is in Sanford, room 6166 - and Dick seemed to appreciate that, he requested reading materials.

I'm sure it would mean a lot for Dick if others would visit him. He is an amazing man with epic tales of adventure. IMG_7050

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Ed & Kay Hoffman said...

Sorry to hear about Dick. We hope he feels better soon. Also sorry to hear about the "challenge" being postponed, but it mightbe for the best. Offers a bit more time and depending on the route it might appeal to more people. The planned route for this year seemed pretty intense to many I think. I am sure next year will be awesome.