Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ninety-seven smiles down the Mighty Mo

Originally uploaded by Iron Bieso
Saturday morning nearly 100 canoe, kayak, and other paddle craft enthusiasts gathered in perfect conditions for an 11-mile run to christen the new stretch of Missouri River designated as a water trail.

Shuttles and teamwork got everyone back on the road when it was finished, it took a while, but the event was safe, satisfying, and the weather seemed scripted for a great day on the water.

We'll add more photos in the next day or two, and remind all who took part to use this blog (e-mail Jarett) to organize more trips on more rivers and lakes.

On a found gear note, a group of paddlers found a throw-bag and line lying in the take-out area. If this is yours, write Jarett and he'll put you in touch with the folks who found your equipment.

Here's to hoping everyone can wring some more paddling out of the rest of 2009. Cheerio!


Pat Wellner said...

When I first read the title I missed the "s" and thought I missed out on a 97 mile epic journey. Thankfully I did not miss out on that. How was the take out at Boltons Bend? There is not a lot of room for 97 paddlers there.

Jay Heath said...

What a flotilla! It is hard to envision nearly 100 paddlers on a river jaunt here in SD. It seems like it was a magnificent event, and I wonder why I didn't rouse myself to go along.