Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ice out continues

I did some solo advanced recon today and paddled the starting point for the 4-19 cruise. The conditions were grim (windy and low temps) but plenty of photos follow.

Last week, I spoke with Dr. Jonathan Jenks, a wildlife sciences professor from SDSU. He said the route may contain river otters, which were reintroduced on the BSR a few years ago. I saw none today, but hey, wouldn't that be cool? No ice, but a little snow. I did a nose-first launch, to avoid stepping into the water, and the grass and mud made a smooth slide.

I launched from the south side of the river, went upstream for a bit, then came back down and ran the rapids. The photo above is from the north, looking across to where I put in.

For those considering putting in below the dam remnants that form this rapids, don't do it. The put-in seemed 1,000 times better than any spot below the rapids. Plus, the rapids was a thrill, not scary, one just has to sit still. I took out on the south side under the bridge, but it wasn't a user-friendly scenario.

Feels good to get the first trip of the season on April 6. This cruise is really shaping up to be a good one.


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