Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's this Saturday!

Just a reminder to all paddlers, Saturday is our Earth Day Cruise, here are the details for newcomers to the blog!

Earth Day Regatta
11 a.m. Saturday April 19
Starts at: Highway 13 Bridge, one mile north of Flandreau on Highway 13
Ends at: Flandreau City Park
Waterway: Big Sioux River
Distance: About 8-10 river miles
Time: About 2-3 hours

Shuttle service is available, bus costs $10. To pre-register for the bus, e-mail Deb McIntyre at

Forecast says 65 and sunny, with no report on wind as of yet. Let's hope for mild winds, ya'll.

E-mail Jarett Bies at for questions on this trip. Images follow, reposted to help explain where we're launching from.

We have permission to launch from either side of the river, so feel free to unload in the camping area (north side of river/bridge) or at the powwow grounds themselves (south side.)

It's going to be a hoot! But make sure you pack a dry bag with spare clothing just in case. Flotation devices required.

See the post just below this one (Ice Out Continues) for good images of the put-in spot. The third or fourth photo down shows the spot, and it should offer a "dry shoes" launch!


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