Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ice Out

With temperatures hitting the 60's, ice is melting throughout eastern South Dakota's lakes and rivers. Our Pierre friends are bragging about their open water, which makes us eastern folks pretty antsy for the ice to melt.

Use this thread to post any lakes, rivers or streams that are completely ice free or frozen. I will update the main thread with updates. Hopefully we'll have open water on every lake and stream by the end of next week. Fingers crossed.

Missouri River: open

Split Rock Creek: open

Big Sioux River: open from Trent -> south (no report north) updated 4/6/08

Lake Alvin: partially frozen (as of 4/5/08)

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Jarett C. Bies said...


Nice photos; my camera is in Pukwana this weekend so I can't add, but I am hoping to get out and paddle.

The put-in for 4/19 looks great, I want to run that rapids or at least go look at it for a while and see how it breaks.

Nice work! As usual.