Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hopefully we can get back on the water before it snows...

Executive Order Makes Big Sioux River Use Illegal

KELO TV | August 5, 2010

SIOUX FALLS, SD - Governor Mike Rounds has issued an executive order prohibiting use of the Big Sioux River in Minnehaha and Lincoln counties until further notice. This makes it illegal to use the river and its tributaries throughout these counties.

High water flows along with emergency discharge from the Sioux Falls sanitary sewer system prompted the order.

Officials say it is unsafe to be exposed to the river or its tributaries for recreational purposes.


Anonymous said...

It is sad that the city of sioux falls can let sewage into the big sioux river - do they get penalized for that?

Unknown said...

kayaked from Mulberry Bend to Bolton Landing yesterday. Water was high and rough. We had to paddle hard to beat the storm. Good to be out on the water though.

Anonymous said...

Why band the entire Minnehaha county??? There is a LOT of river north of the city that is just fine!!