Thursday, August 5, 2010

WARNING: Big Sioux River

Canton officials advise residents to stay out of Big Sioux River

Argus Leader | August 5, 2010

The City of Canton has issued an advisory for people to stay out of the Big Sioux River after a sewer main break in Sioux Falls Wednesday caused city officials to discharge sewage into the river.

On Wednesday evening Sioux Falls residents west of Minnesota Avenue were asked to stop using water after a sewer pipe broke near the state penitentiary and the intersection of First Avenue and North Drive.

Residents in Sioux Falls also are being asked to avoid the Big Sioux River and Covell Lake after wastewater was discharged into them. Wastewater also was pumped overland north of Falls Park.

As the sewage flows downstream, people south of Sioux Falls also are being asked to be careful.

The City of Canton issued an advisory this morning asking people to stay out of the river after they were advised by Lincoln County Emergency Management to do so, said Amy Nelson, city manager.

Nelson said her main concern besides keeping people out of the water was to let people know that drinking water is safe and there are no issues with Canton’s wastewater system.

“In terms of our wastewater system, it’s working and operable, and it’s not threatened in any way,” she said.

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