Thursday, May 1, 2008

First SDCA Pool Session May 17

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Are you ready to dump your boat, but this time because you meant to?

Or to try a roll? Or an assisted re-entry? Or feel the sand-like weight of a swamped canoe? Does that paddle float you bought really work?

On Saturday, May 17, 2008, we have four lanes of the six-lane Sioux Falls YWCA pool from 10 a.m. to noon. Two lanes are set aside for lap swimmers.

The YWCA in Sioux Falls is located at 300 W 11th St., Sioux Falls, SD 57104, (605) 336-3660;

It's downtown off Minnesota Ave. Just a half-block east on 11th.

We have a contract with the YWCA for the time, and hope we can fill a class of about 15 people for the event. The pool rental is $50 per hour, and the SDCA will cover the cost.

But the catch is we must have a certified lifeguard present during the training. Any member who fits the bill, or who knows someone who might help us out (we'll pay them) please e-mail Jarett.

No one wants to roll or get wet in some unfamiliar craft, so we encourage everyone to bring their own (just one) watercraft. If the pool area holds 50 scuba divers with gear, as described, we should be able to bring six to eight boats in, then swap those out for the other half of the class.

Of course any member of SDCA who is also a member of the YWCA, please let us know what that pool is like, I myself have not been there. I would assume they would let us shuck our wet duds and change clothes in their locker rooms, but here's to hoping the weather is sunny and warm.

I do believe the event will be a hoot, especially if we each get to work in our own boats. We hope to give ample time to each person there, and we hope the date fits Pete Larsen's schedule so we can learn from someone who does roll well. Other rollers, step up. Teach us who need it.

E-mail any board member to confirm a spot in the session on 5/17. Remember, it's one week after the Missouri River trip with Rick Johns.

For that trip new information (including complete sat-maps of the route, water and shuttle)here in 48 hours, give or take.

Please reserve your spot today by emailing Steven at We will notify the blog once we get to our maximum capacity.


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