Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

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The ground is not already shaking, but the annual South Dakota Canoe Association paddling fair kicks off at 1 p.m. sharp Sunday, June 1, 2008, at Lake Alvin. Bring a buddy, bring a boat, bring a smile, because we plan on making hay while the sun shines, people.

This annual event is a showcase for boats, paddlers, paddles, anything and everything paddling, and we hope to entertain you.

SDCA members will bring as many boats as they can haul, then allow curious public, or other members, to try different craft. If weather allows, we hope to sponsor a couple of demonstrations, including an assisted rescue.

This image I posted is SDCA board member Pete Larsen executing a roll at the 2007 event. There had been several 80-degree days that year, so it's hard to say if Pete will be rolling this year.

Regardless, the event is free, and we'll gather at the northwestern edge of Lake Alvin, where there's a dock and parking area, even a vault toilet, so please come out.

If you know anyone who paddles or who is a member of the SDCA who does not visit this site regularly, call them and remind them or invite them, please.

To get to Lake Alvin, drive to Harrisburg, then take the main road (273rd St.) out of town to the east. You'll approach the southwestern tip of the lake, there's a gravel road there going north (479th Ave.) so take it, then follow the road until you see the parking area, it's on the right/lakeside of this gravel road.

Do not use the main entry to the park that is on Highway 135. If you come that way, continue south to 273rd, turn right, and drive about one mile to the gravel road, which is marked as 479th Ave. Then follow above directions.

SDCA president Eugene Preston and board member ShaRon Kelly will serve as "beach masters" and assist any and all who need it. Both will bring canoes, so anyone interested in learning a few strokes or techniques, come with questions for them.

Bring friends who have asked about kayaking or canoes and want to take a test drive. Ask to borrow someone's boat. It's a fair, after all.

But flotation devices are required for anyone on the water, and we recommend children younger than 16 come with an adult.

We're due some break in this unpleasant spring weather, and forecasts call for sun and high 70s that day, so we'll see you out there, it will be fun.

Who knows, perhaps we'll all be rolling, catching fish, and taking photos. See you Sunday.

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