Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pool training session rollin' good time

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About 10 kayakers showed up at the YWCA today for two hours time on the controlled, warm waters of the pool. Much was learned, and Pete Larsen was the event MVP, patiently teaching roll techniques to those who sought 'em.

Others practiced exits and self-rescues, assisted rescues, and various other moves. It was a workout! I know I left with a few scrapes and bruises from fighting my way back into my boat.

It was certainly a good first-time event, and we will set another session date soon. We will have it in the newsletter, and we'll post about it here, but if you know any paddlers who might not be on the Net much, pass the word.

We are hoping to get 10 or more new paddlers to the next session, i.e., we'll only have those individuals who paddled May 17 back if we have room, to share the water time.

With luck, we hope to plant a twice-monthly regular YWCA event for paddlers through the winter. Keep coming back here for more info on the next session.



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