Friday, May 9, 2008

Use the 50 Bypass to Polaris factory

Traffic cone
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If you're coming into Vermillion from the east, on 50, there is a nasty rash of road construction just as you enter town. It's nasty.

Take the 50 Bypass around that mess, but make sure you turn left at the Polaris plant, then go back to Cherry Street and continue west.

If you don't turn left, you'll continue towards Yankton and have to backtrack further than you'll want to.

The traffic was one-lane, either way, and it was cones everywhere.

On a brighter note it is not raining now, and the hospitality in Vermillion is excellent.

Also, gas in town here was $3.49; in Sioux Falls at the Flying J it as $3.63, fyi.

See you tomorrow, 11 a.m.


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