Monday, April 20, 2009

It's all coming together - five days out

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Weather reports say 60s, clouds, and perhaps some showers, but the river is living up to its end of the bargain for our April 25 cruise. This is the same overflow vent at the dam in Flandreau on April 18:


So the water levels are navigable, let's hope the rain holds off for our day on the Big Sioux River.

The put-in spot at the powwow grounds is in good shape, the water looks high enough that it'll pry be fine and dandy for the 10 a.m. launch at that spot. A reminder to anyone taking part, please remember we are hoping to get rollin' about 10 a.m. so come early to unload and get vehicles shuttled.

One issue in place is that the take-out spot at the Flandreau dam is currently blocked with this log.

It does look like we can skirt it and still get out, it'd be nice if this log would just float down over the dam before Saturday, though.


The down-river side of the dam is now out of the water. A fisherman said the water felt warm to him on Saturday last, and those taking off at noon to go to Egan should have plenty of space to park, launch, and get on down the river.

Here's a look at a spot on that downriver side:

This photo shows the recession of the water. Just a few weeks ago it was so high, there was literally 20 feet between the two sides. Now it'll be a short 50-meter hike.


Save for that log, everything is looking rosy. Feel free to write me if you have questions about this event.

Remember to pack dry clothing. There should be plenty of people on this trip and we will all work together to keep people upright and safe. But if you tip, you'll be wet and cold and while it might not seem like fun to get out and change, you'll be thankful you have dry clothes with you.

Here's to hoping the rains hold off for a few hours - bring your rain gear though.

See you Saturday!

To recap:

Powwow grounds launch target time: 10 a.m.

Sierra Club Flandreau dam launch time: Noon.

Distance from powwow grounds to dam: About 9 miles (2-3 hours)

Distance from Flandreau to Egan: About 7.5 miles (2-2.5 hours)


Renee said...

Are the pow wow grounds on the east side of town before the golf course? I'm not sure where to go


Jarett C. Bies said...

The powwow grounds are one mile north of Flandreau on Highway 13. They are on the west side of the road, turn left just before you reach the bridge as you are driving north.

The post titled "One week out" has maps, click on them to see larger view!

Eric D. said...

Is there a campground nearby?

Jarett C. Bies said...


There are options, most are not super-close to Flandreau.

Trent, S.D. has River of the Double Bend Campground, they are on the net, and would be a good first call to make.

Lake Herman State Park clear over to Madison is there, along with Palisades in Garretson, but there are not an abundance of SPs in the area.

Garretson has a city park, too.

I have seen people park campers in the powwow grounds, but contact the Flandreau tribal office about that for official word.

Hope that helps!

John Adler said...

The city has a campground in the park east of town just north of the highway. It is about 1.5 miles upstream of the dam. We stayed there last year when it was the takeout for the trip. We plan to stay there again this week. It is suitable for any type of camper or tent camping.

I think there is also some "camping" available at the casino at the south side of Flandreau. When I say camping I mean staying in a camper, not tent camping.

Eric D. said...

Thanks. Yeah, I was looking to pitch a tent. I'll probably check out the city park first and the state parks if that's not too suitable. Thanks for the responses.


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