Monday, April 27, 2009

Waters ahead, May

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The SDCA will host several events in May, including a cruise on the Skunk Creek in Sioux Falls on May 23.

That event will start at either 5 a.m. or noon. We are putting it out there for members to decide. If we go early, the likelihood of seeing more wildlife is higher. Of course that means getting up before the sun to get in on the fun.

Jerry Foy of Sioux Falls lives on the creek. We will launch from his house and cruise to either Western or Cliff Avenue in Sioux Falls, for a two-to-three hour cruise.

Starting at noon on May 9, we'll have a paddling fair at Marindahl Lake, located about six miles west and three miles south of Irene. There is some construction on the Irene-Volin exit, so if you are traveling I-29 to get to this event, be aware of possible detours.

The lake is good sized and pretty, as this Jay Heath photo shows. He has many more on his Web site,


A Missouri River trip in June is in the works. It'll offer a chance to bring buddies who do not have kayaks. We'll have information asap.

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Pat Wellner said...

I am in for skunk creek either time. I'll just come down on the Friday before and camp if we choose 5 AM.