Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One week from Saturday

Picture 6The April 25 cruise/Earth Day event is coming up quickly, and the river levels are more modest, so we should have a dandy event.

Included in this post are several map photos; if you click on one, you'll go to the page where the image is stored. There, click on the "all sizes" choice and you'll get a larger view of the image and the place marks I have added.

This first one is an overview map of the entire route, from the powwow grounds north of Flandreau to Egan.

Remember, this trip is layered. Paddlers can start north of Flandreau and paddle to the dam and be done. Or start at the dam and paddle to Egan. Or do the whole thing.

Here's a close-up of the put-in spot at the powwow grounds:
Picture 3

We want to remind everyone to pack sunscreen and water. There's a rush that comes with getting back out after a long winter, but don't let that rush overcome your logic: Spring sun will burn you just as much as June, July, and August sun.

Here's a look at the dam - there's plenty of parking on the nearside, and if we run out there's a ton on the other side of the river.

Picture 4

Another important reminder: Bring a dry bag with a spare set of clothing. The water will be bone-chilling and a simple mistake can lead to dangerous conditions. Having dry clothes along might seem superfluous but it could save a life. Both the Moody County Sheriff's Dept. and the Flandreau Police Dept. know of our endeavor, but a dry set of clothes along with could save you a trip to the hospital. Be safe.

Here is a look at the Egan take-out spot, there's tons of parking there.

Picture 5

The nice thing about this route is the ease of shuttling vehicles. It's literally a 5-minute drive from the powwow grounds to the dam, and only about 4 miles from the dam to Egan. This map shows the overview, including a marker where one would turn to go down to Egan just west of Flandreau.

Picture 6

I hope these maps help. Feel free to e-mail me if you have questions about the route, what to pack, etc. It's going to be a great cruise!


John Adler said...

From what I can tell, the first part of the trip is about 9 miles. The second part about 7.5 miles.

Jarett C. Bies said...

Thanks, John. I may add that and a forecast as I go forward.

Steven and I should update you on the race, e-mail or phone better?

John Adler said...

e-mail is good. You can send it to both Pat and I that way.

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