Thursday, April 29, 2010

Get on the BSR Saturday - Klondike - 1 p.m.

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SDCKA cruise director Larry Braaten and Dave Finck are planning a cruise this Saturday, May 1, on the Big Sioux River between the Klondike and Canton. Gathering starts at 1 p.m.

This trip is a good one - plenty of wildlife and the river is running nicely - and all members and paddlers alike are welcome to take part in this free event.

Folks will begin shuttling vehicles to Canton around 1 p.m. You can call Dave with questions at 605-366-6844.

Here's the way the Klondike looked last year.

It's a simple trip - probably 2-3 hours - and there's often owls and other birds of prey. Join the group - it's fun - and the Klondike road is pretty easy to find. From I-29, take the County Highway 116/276th Street exit, then head east until you hit the river. That exit is the one right before (heading S) the Worthing exit. Or the one right after Worthing if you are heading N.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Volunteers needed for the race - it starts here!

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The South Dakota Kayak Challenge is set for May 29-30 on the Missouri River between Yankton, S.D. and Sioux City, Iowa, and its organizers seek volunteers to make the race a smashing success.

The race is about 70 miles in length and racers will have 36 hours to complete the course. Currently about two dozen racers are signed up and a grand total of racers could reach 50.

The organizers are seeking volunteers for the following duties:

Registration: Help racers get their packets, answer questions about Yankton and the region, and provide other miscellaneous help or information. This will take place between 5-7 p.m. on the night before the race, May 28. We are seeking between 5-10 people for this duty, depending on the number of racers.

Pre-race set up: Help racers set up for the starting gun that takes place at 7 a.m. on May 29 at Riverside Park in Yankton. Basically helping make sure people are in the right place as the event starts, assisting unsupported crews with their gear, helping out as necessary. Checkpoint staff will synchronize watches/phones/iPods at this event, too.

Checkpoints: The race will have four checkpoints and we'll have staff/volunteers at the first one by 11 a.m. Volunteers at checkpoints will watch for racers and when they approach, they will record the racer's number and team name. We'll have “rolling” checkpoints so the racers need not exit their boats, just get close enough so the checkpoint staff can get the info, then off they go. We also will have ice and water for racers at the checkpoints.

On-water safety/spotters: We invite any and all boaters to follow our racers to make sure they are OK and so we have an idea when to close and open checkpoints as we go. This is open to powered and non-powered watercraft.

On-land safety/spotters: We will have some folks at a variety of points to make sure we are attuned to the progress of the racers, these jobs will open/close as the race progresses down the river.

Finish line staff: We'll need about 5-10 people to record the finishes of racers as they cross the finish line at the entrance of the marina at Bev's on the Water in Sioux City, and we'll need a few strong volunteers to assist racers in exiting the water and hauling their boats and gear up from the marina to the staging area.

Finish line will also have a tent to give racers water/beverages and to record their information for awards.

Awards staff: Seek two to three people to help with awards and other sundry closing ceremony duties.

If you would like to volunteer, call Jarett Bies at 605-941-4940, or Steven Dahlmeier at 605-864-9011. Or you can e-mail Jarett at, or Steven at

For more information on the event, visit the South Dakota Kayak Challenge website at this link:

Share your sport opportunity on May 27

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The Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls will host an adult paddling skills class from 6-7:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 27, at the ODC's pond.

The ODC has asked the club to lend a hand. Anyone who would like to take part and share their knowledge is welcome to do so. Some members may not be able to due to the South Dakota Kayak Challenge race that weekend.

If you want more information, e-mail Jarett at and he can put you in touch with the organizer at the Outdoor Campus.

Great outing, albeit with variety of weather

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Here's a short video of the Earth Day trip. Seven of us took part and we did face fog and - as you can see - rain, but in all, it was a hoot. This video shows everyone paddling.

By the time we took a break, it was sunny, and many of us stripped out of rain layers and coats.


It was a great trip, overall. We left right at 10 a.m. and we were off the water before 1 p.m.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

You won't know if you don't go

Earth Day 2010 -edit
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The lucky seven in this photo found out Flandreau was going to have some sun after noon on the annual Earth Day trip.

The group finished in about 2.5 hours on a day that started with fog, followed with rain, then finished with sunshine.

In all, it was a hoot. More photos and video to follow.

Remember that May 22, the club is joining other groups on a Missouri River run that starts near Vermillion. Details will come in no time.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Put-in view looks pretty good

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Remember, tomorrow, rain or shine, we are having our Earth Day paddle from the powwow grounds 1 mile north of Flandreau to the dam in the city.

It is a 9-12 mile paddle. Should take 2-3 hours. We'll start shuttling vehicles around 9-9:15 a.m. We aim to launch the cruise at 10 a.m.

In the event of lightning in the area, we will postpone the event.

As the picture shows, the river is high but not too high, it might actually work to our advantage. And the trip will be a bit shorter. You can see how fast the water's moving in this video.

Niobrara action!

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Check out this cool video Cory D. shot on the Niobrara trip. More videos on Jarett's flickr account. They rock!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Overview for Saturday

Picture 6

Earth Day cruise set for Saturday at 10 a.m.

The 2010 Earth Day cruise starts at 10 a.m. Saturday, April 24, on the Big Sioux River near Flandreau. It's a 9-12 mile trip that ends near the lowhead dam in town. It should take about 2-3 hours, depending on wind and water.

Paddlers should meet at the powwow grounds about 1 mile north of Flandreau on SD Highway 13. We'll shuttle vehicles starting around 9-9:15 a.m., then circle back with hopes of a 10 a.m. launch. Click on any of these photos/maps for a bigger view.

Here's a close-up of the put-in spot at the powwow grounds:
Picture 3

Here's a look at the dam - there's plenty of parking on the nearside, and if we run out there's a ton on the other side of the river.

Picture 4

Last year, some paddlers who wanted a longer trip continued down river to Egan. It can add 2-3 more hours of trip to your day on the water. Let me know if anyone wants to do this so we can shuttle vehicles to Egan as well as to the dam.

Bring a dry bag with a spare set of clothing. The water will be bone-chilling and a simple mistake can lead to dangerous conditions. Having dry clothes along might seem superfluous but it could save a life.

Picture 5

Picture 6

I hope these maps help.

Early report from Niobrara River cruise

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SDCKA member Brian Wells was among the kayakers who took part in the Niobrara River cruise that wrapped up today.

He sent in this photo of the club pulled off on the bank.

We'll post more photos and reports about the trip as they come in to us.

Don't forget Saturday's event: Powwow grounds north of Flandreau, shuttle vehicles at 9:15, launch at 10 a.m.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

River reports

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SDCKA member Bruce W. hit the Big Sioux River between Hawarden, Iowa and Akron, Iowa. Great weather and good scenery - photos show the bald eagles his group spotted along the way. Thanks for the report, Bruce & Co.


Ryan S., a member from Sioux Falls, paddled the Split Rock Creek between Palisades State Park and Brandon recently as well.

He said that this is a great section of creek for anyone looking for fast moving water/rapids.

"The gauge at Corson currently is reading about 225 CFS. At this level, I was able to paddle through all the rapids without having to portage," Ryan said. "However, most of the rapids left scratches on my boat. Water levels in between the rapids are more than adequate."

He also said there were no fences (electric or barbed) to contend with in this section.

Don't forget the Niobrara trip is this weekend - call or e-mail Pete Larsen (see posts below for that info) to join up. And April 24 is our Earth Day event at Flandreau.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Earth Day Paddle: April 24th

Powwow Grounds (north of Flandreau) to the Flandreau Dam
Saturday, April 24th
10am launch

More details coming soon