Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Three events scheduled for Saturday, June 29:

Dakota Water Watch Water Sampling
Lake Alvin SW Boat Ramp
Bring your boats and come help us during our annual water sampling event. It’s a great time to learn about what's in the water that you’re paddling. Dakota Water Watch will be on hand to go over the basics of taking a water sample. It’s a great learning experience!

Lake Alvin - click for full size map

CRUISE: Big Sioux River - Grandview to Klondike
Following the water sampling, join us at 1pm to shuttle our vehicles from Grandview (east of Lake Alvin) to Klondike. This is a great 8 mile cruise that will feature the newly created Klondike Rapids at the finish. It’s up to you if you want to try them out!

Grandview to Klondike route - click for full size map

RACE PREP CRUISE: Missouri River / Lake Francis Case
This cruise is hosted by SDCKA Board Member Pat Wellner

From Pat: “The plan, thus far, is to camp both Friday and Saturday nights at the North Point Rec Area just above the Ft Randall Dam. I have a site reserved. On Saturday, we would shuttle up to the Platte Creek Rec Area and begin the cruise. It is about 32 miles on the river down to the dam. Expect no current, a steady headwind, and possibly finishing at night (carry lights). We would retrieve vehicles at Platte Creek on Sunday morning on our way home.”

Please RSVP for this cruise to dahlmeis@hotmail.com and I’ll pass along your information.