Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sunday's weather was lame, but ...

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More than a dozen folks came out and played about at Lake Alvin Sunday. Air and water temps were both in the high 50s, but no one seemed to care, and a number of new paddlers got out and tried their hands on the lake.

Jay Heath's blog, has a great account of the event.

There were folks ready to put-in there at 11 a.m. when we got started, and some were still trying other boats around 3 p.m. when we took off. The weather did not lead to outright enthusiasm, but a good time? It was had.

More photos on the way.

Don't forget June 20 is the planned SDCA event in Pierre. Members there welcome any and all South Dakota paddlers to join them for a few options on the Missouri River in the state's historic capital.

Details on that event are beginning to take shape and are open to ideas. Visit member Pat Wellner's blog at to get ideas on the next organized event, or contact him with specific questions via his e-mail link on his Web site.




About that early bird ...

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While the christening event for the Missouri River was postponed due to Saturday morning's weather, several members of the SDCA did kayak the state's biggest river last weekend, and we stayed dry, had fun, and saw some eagles.



John Adler and Pat Wellner from Pierre made the trip to Vermillion as well, and they actually ran the route that was planned. Jim, Laura and I just did High Lines to Clay County. But by sleeping in, we met with good conditions.

As soon as the kick-off event is rescheduled, we will have information here.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Missouri River trip not happening Saturday


The organizers and staff of the Missouri National Recreational River (MNRR) Water Trail kickoff event, scheduled for Saturday morning near Vermillion, have postponed the event until sometime later this summer.

Why? Weather. There are thunderstorm warnings and the winds are supposed to be unfriendly.

On the bright side, more than 100 paddlers were due to turn out, and this event will happen, only on a better day.

The organization's Web site is located at if the trip is news to you. No date has been set for the make-up date.

Sunday was the proposed backup date, but it's out as the weather all weekend down there is questionable.

But the SDCA paddling fair on Sunday at 11 a.m. is on. We'll post if the weather prevents the event, but we'll be out with boats.


Current Lake Alvin forecast says there's a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms Sunday, with mostly cloudy and a high of 65.

That event is, I say again, a go.

As soon as the Missouri River kickoff event is rescheduled, we'll have information here.