Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Jay Heath Water Trail Dedication June 13

Please consider joining us for an extra-special event at noon June 13. South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks have dedicated a stretch of the Big Sioux River as the newly christened Jay Heath Water Trail and the ceremony to make it official is that Tuesday near Brandon.

Jay Heath was a longtime member of our club; he helped found it, in fact, back in 1981. He loved the water and his blog, Kayaking the Lakes of South Dakota has helped countless folks get on the water in our area. (A link to it is on the right side of this page.)

Join us for the event and if you wish, you can also bring your kayaks and take part in the inaugural Jay Heath Trail Cruise which follows after the dedication. It's about a one-hour cruise on the Big Sioux River, now named for our member.

We hope we'll see you there and that you'll spread the word about this event! Thank you -- here is a simple map to the site, 300 W. Holly Boulevard, Brandon, S.D.

Paddling Fairs This Weekend - June 10-11

Two free-for-the public paddling fairs are coming up this weekend - we hope you'll join us and spread the word.

The first event is Saturday, June 10 at Lake Yankton's Festival. It'll be from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. on Lake Yankton. Volunteers are welcome to help share the sport, and the public will use our boats to learn a bit more about kayaking.

The second event is a big one - the annual Paddling Fair at Family Lake is from 1-4 p.m. Sunday June 11. The lake is located on the west side of Sioux Falls (pictured) and usually hundreds of folks come out for this one.

We could use your help and hope you'll join one or both of these awesome shindigs! Feel free to call or write Jarett (605-941-4940) or Dave (605-366-6844) for more information!

Lake Yankton: Take Toe Road to near Chief White Crane State Park; the lake is on the left side, across the road from the tail races of the Gavins Point Dam. We'll be near the training dock.

Family Lake Park: Take W. 12th Street to Tea/Ellis Road. Park is on north side of 12th Street; you'll see the signs and our tent canopy.