Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another fine day for paddling

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The Feb. 22 YWCA pool event was filled with new faces and a success no matter how you slice it.

Twelve people came and got wet, working mostly on rescues and boat familiarity, and really, just having fun at some points. Another half-dozen members and family came to watch or talk.

At least two participants came out because they either read about it on this here blog or were impressed enough by the Feb. 1 event they thought it was worth trying it out. We had at least four "first time EVER" kayakers, all of whom got on the water and know now what it feels like to be one with their boat.

The club hopes to host more events in the pool before spring, or even after, if folks were interested. Does it look like fun to you? If so, write or call an SDCA board member and suggest a date. Right now we have a line on Sunday mornings 10 a.m. to noon at the YWCA, but there are many pools in many towns, so seek and ye shall find.








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