Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lots o' new: May 13

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Sorry there's no audio on this video - it's my new camera and I'm still learning. But this image of Travis on Marindahl Lake, and his father, Dave, gives a good indicator of the outreach SDCA can do. Both were neophytes to kayaks, both got out and loved 'em.

The Marindahl Lake paddling fair was fun, but we ended up having more members there than we did curious public.


The weather was about perfect, and save for the tricky nature in finding the lake, all nestled in a little South Dakota prairie valley, everyone had fun.


Host Rick Johns brought a few of his creations and several family members, and in all, it was a great operation in May. P1000071 It should serve us all well as a good tune-up for our June 7 event at Lake Alvin, which is all set, with Jay Heath and Jarett running things on the dock. Write either member for information, and pass the word to your friends and neighbors.

On to other news. Several SDCA board members attended the May 7 meeting to discuss the plans for the Klondike Dam on the Big Sioux River near Canton. The dam is going to be reduced and restructured to make it more friendly to paddlers, fishing enthusiasts, and fish.

Mary Finck of the SDCA board provided this photo of the proposed plan. Anyone with insight on the dam or input on possible changes to the construction/thinking is welcome to share with the Iowa DNR.

klondike dam 111

Waters downstream include our May 23 Skunk Creek run in Sioux Falls. It appears more people are voting to run the river bright and early (5 a.m. start time) to get a glimpse of some wildlife.


Reports received say the Skunk is still running nicely, but there will be some shallow spots, so leave your fiberglass at home, ya'll.

We'll have more information soon, but June 6 is a big cruise on the Missouri River. Several groups, including ours, are sponsoring the event and there will be boats available for rental for $20. More to come on that front. The cruise takes place in the Vermillion/Burbank area of the river.

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