Monday, November 2, 2009

November Big Sioux River Cruise

Sunday, November 8th: Klondike to Canton

SDCA members Mary and Dave Finck and Larry Braaten are hosting a cruise on the Big Sioux River Sunday, November 8th starting at 1:00pm.

Meet at Klondike on the South Dakota side - and the cruise will travel down to Canton.

Forecast calls for 58 degrees and sunny. Should be a great day for a paddle!

Questions? Call Dave at (605) 366-6844.

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RenateR said...

Hey, my name is Renate and I've kayaking for about 18 months. I live by Sioux City, but don't have many people in this area. I've been out a few times with a group from Omaha, but I would love to join you for this paddle. I'm not quite clear on the access point, also am wondering how long this trip may take. I'm not familiar with the river in that area. Do you have a shuttle set up already? So if you could post some more detail I'd appreciate it. Thanks my email is