Sunday, April 22, 2012

57th to 26th on the BSR

Sol Brich, Mary and Dave Finck are planning a Cruise on Monday April 23 at 5:00 P M
from Farm Field Park (on 57th street just west of Western Ave across from the Dairy Queen) to the take out on 26th street. Sol and I will meet earlier around 4:15 P M and move our vehicles to 26th street. We have trailers to bring the kayaks back to Farm Field Park at the end of the cruise. If we can get started earlier, we can get done before dark. The weather forecast is calling for sunny and 70 degrees. If you have any questions you can call Dave at 605-366-6844. You can come at either 4:00 P M if you want to shuttle first or 5:00 P M and we will get you back to 57th street, we will work it out either way.

Anyone wishing to join us is more than welcome.

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